Welcome to the Sustainable Energy Outreach Network’s (SEON) Website

At our core we are a networking organization, passionately committed to the promotion of sustainable energy for the benefit of the public, businesses, educational institutions, and public sector organizations.   We accomplish our mission in a very unique way…we bring people together to inform/educate, form relationships and partnerships, support initiatives for sustainable energy, and be a forum for innovation.  This is a very different approach to economic development, and at the same time complements the activities of our regions’ other economic development authorities.

Our Goals:

  • Promote the region as an innovative leader in the RE / EE sectors
  • Increase energy efficiency, health, safety, and durability improvements in residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings.
  • Increase net metering and other renewable energy projects/installations
  • Attract and retain young talent to the area
  • Advance the professional development of energy professionals in the region as well as the energy literacy of our citizenry.

This web portal provides you with an introduction to our very unique service to our region and state.   Our work is modeled after successful initiatives throughout Europe (www.esv.or.at) and the County of Frontenac, Ontario (www.switchkingston.ca) for which we are profoundly indebted for their inspiration and support.

We invite you to take advantage of our services, the expertise of our membership, and the journey for a sustainable future.  Please contact us if you would like more information about our members, resources, and the initiatives we support.