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Saturday, October 14, 2017
Self-guided Tour. All homes open 10 am – 4 pm.


Thinking of building or improving your home?
Come see what high performance looks like. 


 After a wonderfully successful first-time Sustainable Home Tour in 2016, we’re making this an annual event. We’ll be posting the 2017 homes during the summer. In the meantime, take a look at the 2016 homes.  


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2016 Sustainable Home Tour

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The following seven homes exemplify high performance building by giving consideration to energy efficiency, durability, indoor air quality and renewable energy. More details are included in the Sustainable Home Tour Guide booklet which will be handed out on the day of the tour. The booklet also includes directions and a Glossary of Terms.

#1 Guildford, VT (New home; Mindel & Morse Builders)
A renovation, adjacent to the original, that morphed into new construction for a single occupant. Building Shell: walls R-44, ceiling R-60 all with loose fill cellulose; Integrity brand windows. Continuous air barrier runs up the exterior of the first floor walls into the ceiling. Basement insulated foam against the concrete and stud walls dense packed with cellulose. Building tested at 1.1 ACH 50. Energy System: 2 Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) by Lunos, and Mitsubishi air source heat pump.
#2 Brattleboro, VT (Deep Energy Retrofit, Mindel & Morse Builders)
This home experienced frozen pipes which bust, then flood the first floor damaging ceiling, wall and floors. The damage provided the impetus to redesign the first floor and provided the opportunity to address energy issues in the first floor walls. Building Shell: Walls R-24 with dense packed cellulose; Windows – some new windows added and existing ones air-sealed with foam and tapes. Intello brand variable permeable air barrier; Attic R-60 loose fill cellulose. Building rated at 2.5 ACH50 a reduction of 47%.
#3 Dummerston, VT (New home, Unity Homes - Xyla)
Off-site construction method in which pre-fabricated insulated panels are installed quickly on-site to create a weather tight shell. Bathroom fabricated off-site as a “pod” with all fixtures and finishes in place, and installed with a single crane pick during assembly of the shell. Building Shell: walls R-35, ceiling R-60 with dense packed cellulose, windows: triple-glazed Intus tilt-turn (U-016). Building tested at 0.82 ACH50. Energy Systems: Energy Recovery Ventilator: RenewAire EV200, tankless Water Heater: Rinnai V65i; 2 Mitsubishi air source heat pump. Net-zero ready with addition of a modest PV system.
#4 Putney, VT (New home, Jonathan Klein Builders)
An award winning, net zero home which is included in Bill Maclay ”The New Net Zero: Leading-Edge and Construction of Homes and Buildings for a Renewable Energy Future.” It was the winner of the VT Building Network’s “Going Green” award featuring passive solar design. Building Shell: Walls R-40 , rain screen system; Ceilings R-60 to 75 (cellulose and shaped foran system for rubber roof underlayment); Basement R-40 walls, Slab R-20 under and edge of slab insulation. Energy System: Daikin Heat pumps; Heat Recovery Ventilator (Venmar AVS EKO 1.5); 7kW PV array; Solar hot water (AET AE-32 Collectors).
#5 Putney, Vt (New home, VERMOD Homes)
VERMOD homes are the first zero-energy homes built in this area that are affordable to low-income homebuyers. These are mobile homes in footprint only providing an affordable zero-energy option for downsizers and first-time home buyers. All construction occurs under controlled environment. Building Shell: Walls R-43; floor system R-40; roof trusses R-60. Energy System: Conditioning energy recovery ventilator, cold climate heat pump (Mitsubishi), and a 6 kW PV array.
#6 Saxtons River, VT (Deep Energy Retrofit, Spear/Lillis)
Listed on the National Historic Registry, this home had been neglected for years (see inset photo), yet had the potential of becoming a sustainable home, not only in terms of energy, but in terms of location, small footprint, siting, etc. This home is in the process of pursuing LEED for Homes certification and is net zero ready. Building shell: Padded, dense packed cellulose walls (R-24), poly-iso and dense pack cellulose roof system (R-46). Energy systems: Mitsubishi air source heat pump, GE GeoSpring heat pump water heater. Other: Low VOC paints & finishes, low flow water fixtures, etc. Received EVT incentives.
#7 Saxtons River, VT (Home addition, Jonathan Klein Builders)
This project demonstrates how an addition can transform the energy efficiency of a home rather than just adding more space. Passive solar design with an insulated slab for a heat sink and innovative wall design. Building Shell: Walls R-26; Attic R-64; Slab R-15; Foam insulated existing basement. Energy System: 2 cold climate heat pumps (Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZH); Solar heater and Trio P3 Boiler.

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Advanced ticket sales have ended. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the tour at any of the homes.

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