Windham Wood Heat Initiative

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The Windham Wood Heat Initiative will yield community benefits, business success, and high performance public buildings based on a sustainable local forest industry. This $1.6 million program – funded by Vermont Yankee decommissioning via the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) – will help at least 20 municipal and school buildings convert to heating with local, sustainable wood while addressing those buildings’ energy efficiency and durability needs. The program also includes public education, training for local building professionals, fuel supply procurement and other elements needed to make Windham County a long-term hub of advanced wood heat technology and practice.

CEDF defines advanced wood heating systems as those that utilize highly efficient technology, produce low emissions, support healthy forest ecosystems, and consume local wood (from within a 50-mile radius). To learn more about advanced wood heat, see

Eligibility: Public school and municipal buildings in Windham County are eligible for assistance.

Incentives Available: Towns and schools will be eligible for advanced wood heat assessments and energy and building envelope analyses. Buildings selected for participation in the program will get one-on-one coaching through the project development, bid review, budget, and public approval process, plus incentives ranging from $10,000 to $75,000 based on project cost and size toward installation of a high-efficiency pellet or wood chip heating system. Loans, credit enhancements, performance contracting, and other financing mechanisms may also be available.

About the Windham County Team: A Windham County-based project team consisting of seasoned businesses and non-profit and public entities, leveraging regional and national expertise, will provide technical assistance, different types of financial incentives, customized project support, professional training, and other resources. The core team consists of:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 4.24.15 PMSustainable Energy Outreach Network: a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a strong renewable energy and energy efficiency economy in southeastern Vermont.
Building Green, Inc.: a consulting group specializing in an integrative approach to design, specification, and construction that minimizes ecologi- cal impact and maximizes economic performance of buildings.
Windham Regional Commission: a quasi-public agency assisting towns in southeastern Vermont to provide effective local government and work cooperatively with them to address regional issues.
STIX, L3C: An innovative sustainable forest products company connected to the local resource, suppliers, and value added processors.
Innovative Natural Resource Solutions: a consulting group specializing in forest policy, renewable energy, environmental auditing, land conservation and wildlife management.
Northern Forest Center: a non-profit organization catalyzing economic opportunity and community vitality from healthy working forests.

Additional Contacts
For more information on specific topics, contact:
Training Opportunities: Guy Payne, 802-376-9262
Building Assessments: Peter Yost,, 802-257-7300 x221
Wood Supply & Procurement: Eli Gould,, 802-258-0800
General Project Management: Maura Adams,, 603-229-0679 x114
CEDF: Andy Perchlik,, 802-828-4017